In March, we announced the launching of Open Space with a Call for Entries: Pleased to Meet You.  We wanted you, the artists of our community, to introduce yourselves through the work that you make.  We had more than 50 artists from across the metroplex apply.  It was evident throughout the jurying process that it would be very difficult to choose from among the tremendous talent in our community.  We are pleased to know that there are so many outstanding local artists to feature as our mission develops.

With our very similar art historical backgrounds and many years working with artists in our community, Nancy and I were great partners in the selection process.  We had a clear, yet unspoken curatorial vision that emerged as we carefully considered each applicant.

The artists introduced themselves through drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installations, and glass.  They are MFA grads, students, professors, photographers, landscape architects, and other valued creatives from all over DFW.

We are very pleased to introduce the 28 artists we selected: R.R. Belanger, Scott Bell, Ty Bishop, Ryan Bricker, Tamara Coleman, Kate Colin, Marcy Cook, Henry Cox, Lauren Darrouzet, Joshua Dodson, Erika Duque, Taelor Fisher, Hayley Fowler, Courtney Googe, Karla Hernandez, Eric Hess, Erika Huddleston, Emily LaCour, Liss LaFleur, Ann McIntyre, Carmen Menza, Spencer Orenstein, Kevin Perkins, Krystal Read, Alex Remington, Charlyn Reynolds, Madelyn Sneed-Grays, and Tony Veronese.

Looking forward to presenting the work of these talented artists at our opening on May 20th!


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    Looking forward to seeing your gallery and new work.


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