Pleased to Meet…Eric Hess

Working with glass, cement, video, steel, and ready-made objects, Eric Hess explores the touchstones of life, examining the emotional and intellectual response to events that effect his life.  He addresses abuse, death, the ephemeral, greed, and his ability to relinquish or take control.  Though his work appears simple in its presentation, his sculptures clearly present very complex ideas.  The need to express his life experiences drives Hess’s creative process.  He develops contemplative works that rely heavily on light and shadows to elicit an emotional response.

ERIC HESS | “Swings”, 2017 | glass and steel | variable dimensions

“Swings” represents the feelings of impending loss as Hess waits and watches his husband surrender to terminal cancer.  The dramatic shadow cast by one of the swings resembles a chemo bag hanging from its stand, an image he has seen over and over again at his husband’s bedside.  Hess aims to illustrate the loss of someone or someone broken, a broken relationship, or a loss of innocence.  Though this piece marks bereavement for Hess, as a conceptual artwork he anticipates and seeks endless interpretations from viewers.

Eric Hess has been a visual artist since 1984 and began his career as a mixed media artist.  He discovered the medium of glass seven years ago while studying under Gene Koss and Weston Lambert at Tulane University.  He is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Eric’s work has appeared in the New Orleans Museum of Art and various group shows.  He was the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Scholarship and recently completed an Artist in Residency with the Washington School of Glass during the summer of 2015.

-Caroline Belanger

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