Pleased to Meet…Tamara Coleman

Leading up to our opening reception I want to highlight the many talented artists featured in our first exhibition, Pleased to Meet You…

Tamara Coleman works in a variety of media, but she’s currently entranced with paper, watercolors, and colored pencils.  Like herself, Coleman’s art is elegant and refined.  Quite the perfectionist, she masters the skills required for her materials quickly and with ease.

Death and dying have always played a central role in Coleman’s artwork.  Her focus on extinct and endangered species gave rise to a sense of experimentation normally ignored by her perfectionist mentality.  “Guam Flying Fox” is a part of this poetic series to memorialize those we have lost and those who will soon be gone.

Meanwhile, striving to push the results of her chosen mediums, Coleman’s most recent pieces stray from such weighted undertones and instead serve as studies in her own evolution of drawing.  Having never worked with colored pencils in a meaningful way, “Love” is part of a mylar balloon series to explore this seemingly elementary tool.

Tamara Coleman was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Scripps College in 2008.  Coleman exhibited at The Art Party at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art and at Phillips de Pury & Co.’s Groundbreakers Preview in 2011.

– Caroline Belanger