Pleased to Meet…Madelyn Sneed-Grays

Madelyn Sneed-Grays fascination with art began at a very young age.  After exploring different mediums, she found that painting was her passion.  Through various educational paths, in particular a BFA at UNT, Sneed-Grays gravitated towards representational art.  She likes to paint in such a way that shows the likeness of a moment in time that she has experienced.

The opportunity for international travel has helped her grow significantly as an artist.  While on a recent excursion to Paris, Sneed-Grays was inspired by almost everything, but mostly by the sights and sounds accumulated while walking down the streets, the bakeries with baguettes and superbly presented pastries, leisurely enjoying a bite to eat while drinking a café crème, and so much more.  Appreciating the culture and flow of the city greatly influenced the subjects she chose for her France series, including Vin Stacks and Bonbon Cakes.

As an unrepentant Francophile, I was drawn immediately to Sneed-Grays paintings, because, personally, I have such strong memories of my time studying painting in Paris. More than that, she has a specific way of depicting these moments, capturing the unusual angles of what you might see quickly passing by or out of the corner of your eye.  There is an airbrush quality Sneed-Grays accomplishes using a dry brush technique with great expertise.  The colors are strong and vivid, the lines ever so slightly sharp and hazy –  simultaneously calling into question whether it is a photograph, a painting, or how you might remember something in your mind’s eye.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Madelyn Sneed-Grays received her BFA at the University of North Texas and is currently working on her series France.  Madelyn has shown in galleries around the DFW area and has won the Best of show Marilyn Smith Memorial Award at the Visual Arts Society of Texas 8th Annual 125-Mile Visual Arts Exhibition in 2014.  She was a finalist in the 2016 Hunting Art Prize and selected by Frank Hettig of Heritage Auctions for the 2016 New Texas Talent Exhibition at Craighead Green Gallery. She now lives in Denton, TX and is being mentored by Rex Hausmann.

-Caroline Belanger

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