Pleased to Meet…Kate Colin

Kate Colin’s drawing and paintings interpret expansive and hypothetical spaces, inspired by mathematical theories, physical infrastructure, and nature.  Her abstract work stems from an interest in unpredictable and systematic processes.  She intermingles loose painting processes with systems to create hypothetical spaces filled with fragmented shapes, contour lines, and active brushstrokes.  Her process is both spontaneous and analytical, and therefore the work is both organic and geometric.

Colin’s most recent body of work, Spontaneous Symmetry, consists of paintings suggesting a twisted theory of everything, where a fractured space exists in various states of activity. The work combines the format of world maps and hyperbolic geometry to achieve complexity.  She layers and masks off under-layers to achieve an effect of lustrous oil paint alongside pencil lines on raw canvas. The disparate layers of oil paint and matte acrylic expose paint washes and painterly brushwork.

KATE COLIN | “Spontaneity 12″, 2016 | oil, acrylic, and graphite on canvas | 45″ x 38.5”

Spontaneity #12 is a vibrant and dynamic painting of juxtapositions.  Orange contrasts the blue, the deep blue contrasts the raw canvas.  Regimented lines diagram organic shapes of bleeding color.  Transparent paint saturates raw canvas to the point that you can see the stain on the other side of the canvas, while hard-edged opaque shapes activate amorphous washes.  All to create an underlying symmetry and an energetic painting that seeks to unify structure and nature.

Kate Colin is an artist currently working in Denton, TX.  She earned her MFA from University of Dallas and obtained her BFA from University of North Texas.  She is currently a Lecturer in the Core Drawing program at UNT’s College of Visual Arts and Design.  From 2014-2016, she was a 500X Gallery member, where she exhibited work.  Colin was a 2012 recipient of the Kimbrough Fund awarded by the Dallas Musem of Art.

-Caroline Belanger

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